I love my laughter lines, but I’m saying goodbye to the frowns

Revitalise and refresh your look with Juvéderm® – the facial filler brand chosen by millions

When you love life and you feel great, you want it to show. Yet, over time your face may start to display those small signs of ageing that can leave you looking tired or sad, and less like the real you. Juvéderm® facial fillers can help smooth out lines and wrinkles, replace lost volume and restore elasticity and tone.

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What are facial fillers?

Juvéderm® facial fillers are hyaluronic acid injectable treatments that replace lost volume and fill lines and wrinkles — with results that can last up to approximately 9-24 months depending on the product and treatment chosen. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring sugar found in the body. The hyaluronic acid in Juvéderm® facial fillers combines with the water in your skin to gently restore elasticity and tone.

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Give your look a lift with Juvéderm® facial fillers

Our facial fillers are designed to help:

  1. Soften the lines around your eyes. Lift and project your eyebrows and improve your under-eye area. Add volume to your temple.
  2. Add fullness to your cheeks. Lift and project for a more defined look.
  3. Soften any smile and marionette lines. Add volume and definition to your lips.
  4. Contour your chin and jawline.

Results can last up to approximately 9-24 months depending on the product and treatment chosen

Natural-looking results you can see right away


All before and after images were taken on the same day. Images provided courtesy of Dr Mauricio de Maio (Plastic Surgeon, Brazil). Actual treatment results may vary. Images for illustrative purposes only.

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